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25 Sep Main Functions of Plant Nutrient
partha.tripathi 0 1967
Main function of plant nutrients are as given belowNitrogen: Synthesis of proteins  in the plant. It is consumed by plants during growth, flowering ..
25 Sep Step by Step guide to setup hydroponics system
partha.tripathi 0 1654
Following steps are recommended for setting up hydroponics system:First step in setting up any hydroponics system is to decide the plants or plants ..
24 Sep Hydroponics: An Introduction
partha.tripathi 0 1731
What is Hydroponics?The science of growing plant in water is called hydroponics. It basically involves growing healthy plants without the use of a t..
24 Sep Types of Hydroponics System
partha.tripathi 0 7477
There are mainly five types of hydroponics systemWick System Nutrient Film Technique Ebb and Flow Deep Water Culture Drip SystemsWick Sy..
02 Sep Nitrogen deficiency Symptoms in Plants
Purvasha.tripathi 0 5609
Plants need right mix of nutrient for healthy growth and higher yield. When plants suffer deficiency it shows symptom of being unhealthy. Deficiency o..
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